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Mohtashim Rasheed

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Mohtashim Rasheed

Mohtashim Rasheed

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Full Name Mohtashim Rasheed
Profession Cricketer
Date of Birth September 22 , 1968
Current Age55 years
Birth Country Pakistan
Net Wealth Under Review
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Dead or AliveAlive (55 years old)

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Early Life and Background

Mohtashim Rasheed was born on September 22, 1968, in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in cricket and started playing the sport at a local level. His passion for the game led him to pursue a career in cricket, and he soon became a prominent figure in the Pakistani cricketing scene.

Professional Career

Mohtashim Rasheed made his debut in first-class cricket in 1986 and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent. He was known for his solid batting technique and reliable fielding skills, which made him a valuable asset to any team he played for.

He went on to represent Pakistan at the international level and played in several Test matches and One Day Internationals. His performances on the field earned him praise from fans and critics alike, and he became known as one of the most consistent players in the Pakistani cricket team.

Playing Style

Mohtashim Rasheed was known for his elegant strokeplay and ability to anchor an innings. He was a versatile batsman who could adapt to different situations and play according to the demands of the game. His calm demeanor under pressure made him a reliable middle-order batsman for Pakistan.

Notable Achievements

Throughout his career, Mohtashim Rasheed achieved several milestones and accolades. He scored numerous centuries in domestic cricket and played a crucial role in several important victories for Pakistan. His contributions to the team were invaluable, and he was widely regarded as one of the most underrated cricketers of his time.


Mohtashim Rasheed retired from international cricket in 2000 after a successful career that spanned over a decade. Despite his retirement, he continued to be involved in the sport as a coach and mentor to young cricketers. His knowledge and experience were highly sought after, and he played a key role in nurturing the next generation of Pakistani cricketers.


Mohtashim Rasheed’s legacy as a cricketer lives on through the players he mentored and inspired. His dedication to the game and his commitment to excellence serve as an example for aspiring cricketers around the world. He is remembered as a true sportsman who embodied the spirit of cricket both on and off the field.

Personal Life

Off the field, Mohtashim Rasheed is known for his humility and down-to-earth personality. He is actively involved in charity work and has used his platform as a former cricketer to raise awareness about social issues in Pakistan. He continues to be a respected figure in the cricketing community.

Current Involvement

Mohtashim Rasheed currently works as a cricket coach and commentator, sharing his insights and expertise with budding cricketers. He is passionate about passing on his knowledge to the next generation of players and helping them reach their full potential. His contributions to the sport continue to make a lasting impact.

Recognition and Awards

Throughout his career, Mohtashim Rasheed received several awards and accolades for his outstanding performances on the field. He was recognized for his sportsmanship and dedication to the game, earning him respect from fans, teammates, and opponents alike.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Mohtashim Rasheed is a legendary figure in Pakistani cricket who has left an indelible mark on the sport. His passion for cricket, coupled with his talent and dedication, has made him a role model for aspiring cricketers everywhere. His contributions to the game will be remembered for years to come, cementing his legacy as one of Pakistan’s finest cricketers.