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Morton Sobell

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Morton Sobell

Morton Sobell

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Full Name Morton Sobell
Profession Engineer
Date of Birth April 11 , 1917
Current Age107 years
Birth Country United States
Net Wealth Under Review
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Dead or AliveAlive (107 years old)

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Early Life and Education

Morton Sobell was born on April 11, 1917, in New York City, to a Jewish immigrant family. He grew up in the vibrant and diverse neighborhood of New York, which would shape his views and values in the years to come. Sobell attended Stuyvesant High School, known for its rigorous academic program, before going on to study engineering at the City College of New York.

Engineering Career

After graduating from college, Sobell began working as an engineer, using his technical skills to contribute to various projects. He was known for his attention to detail and problem-solving abilities, which earned him respect in the field. Sobell’s work as an engineer would later become a central part of his defense during a highly publicized trial.

Marriage and Family

Sobell married Helen Levitov Sobell, with whom he had children. The couple shared a deep commitment to social justice and activism, which would play a significant role in their lives together. Helen stood by Morton throughout the many challenges he faced, offering unwavering support and strength.

Political Activism

Sobell was deeply involved in political activism, particularly during the turbulent years of the Cold War. He was a vocal critic of McCarthyism and the anti-communist hysteria that swept through American society. Sobell believed in the power of collective action and fought for causes he believed in, even when it meant facing consequences.

The Espionage Case

In 1950, Sobell was arrested along with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on charges of espionage. The government accused them of passing classified information to the Soviet Union during World War II. The trial captivated the nation and became a symbol of the Red Scare gripping America at the time.

Controversy and Conviction

Sobell maintained his innocence throughout the trial, claiming that he was being falsely accused due to his political beliefs. However, he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The case sparked intense debate and controversy, with many questioning the fairness of the trial and the evidence presented against Sobell.

Imprisonment and Release

Sobell served over 18 years in prison before being released on parole in 1969. During his time behind bars, he continued to fight for his innocence and advocate for justice. His release marked the end of a long and difficult chapter in his life, but it also marked the beginning of a new phase of activism and advocacy.

Lifetime of Advocacy

After his release from prison, Sobell dedicated himself to advocating for social justice causes and speaking out against government overreach and abuse of power. He became a prominent voice in the civil rights movement, using his own experiences to shed light on systemic injustices in American society.

Legacy and Impact

Sobell’s life and work continue to inspire activists and advocates around the world. His unwavering commitment to justice and equality serves as a reminder of the power of individual action in the face of adversity. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his life, Sobell remained steadfast in his beliefs and never wavered in his pursuit of a more just society.

Final Years

In his later years, Sobell continued to be active in various causes and organizations dedicated to social justice. He remained a vocal critic of government surveillance and infringement on civil liberties, using his platform to raise awareness about these important issues. Sobell passed away on December 26, 2018, at the age of 101, but his legacy lives on through those who continue to fight for justice in his memory.


Morton Sobell’s life was marked by controversy, activism, and unwavering dedication to social justice. From his early days as an engineer to his later years as an outspoken advocate, he never shied away from challenging authority or speaking truth to power. His legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of overwhelming odds.