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Moxie Raia

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Moxie Raia

Moxie Raia

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Full Name Moxie Raia
Profession Pop Singer
Date of Birth May 12 , 1990
Current Age34 years
Birth Country United States
Net Wealth Under Review
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Dead or AliveAlive (34 years old)

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Moxie Raia, born on May 12, 1990, in New Jersey, United States, is making waves in the music industry as a talented pop singer. With her unique voice and captivating stage presence, she has garnered a loyal fan base and critical acclaim for her music.

Early Life and Influences

From a young age, Moxie Raia showed a passion for music. Growing up in New Jersey, she was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences that would later shape her own sound. Artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Michael Jackson inspired her to pursue a career in music.

Rise to Fame

Moxie Raia’s journey to fame began when she started performing at local venues and uploading covers of popular songs on social media. Her raw talent and undeniable charisma caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to her first record deal.

Music Career

Since then, Moxie Raia has released several singles and EPs that have received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Her soulful vocals and relatable lyrics have resonated with listeners around the world, earning her a reputation as one of the most promising artists in the industry.


In addition to her solo work, Moxie Raia has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. She has worked with artists such as Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Pusha T, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

Live Performances

Moxie Raia is known for her electrifying live performances, where she brings her music to life on stage. Her dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals have earned her a reputation as a must-see performer.

Personal Life

Despite her rising fame, Moxie Raia remains grounded and focused on her music. She credits her family and friends for their unwavering support and is grateful for the opportunities that have come her way.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Moxie Raia is determined to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new musical styles. She hopes to release a full-length album in the near future and embark on a world tour to connect with fans around the globe.

Social Media Presence

Moxie Raia is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life and music career. Her engaging posts and interactions with fans have helped her build a strong online following.


On Instagram (@moxieraia), Moxie Raia shares photos and videos from her performances, studio sessions, and everyday life. Her authentic approach to social media has endeared her to fans who appreciate her openness and honesty.


Moxie Raia also uses Twitter to connect with fans and share updates about her music. She often engages with followers through tweets and retweets, creating a sense of community among her supporters.


In conclusion, Moxie Raia is a rising star in the music industry who shows no signs of slowing down. With her unique voice, captivating stage presence, and genuine personality, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Keep an eye out for this talented pop singer as she continues to make waves in the music industry.