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Mozhgan Rahmani

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Mozhgan Rahmani

Mozhgan Rahmani

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Full Name Mozhgan Rahmani
Profession Darts Player
Date of Birth December 31 , 1989
Current Age34 years
Birth Country Iran
Net Wealth Under Review
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Dead or AliveAlive (34 years old)

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Mozhgan Rahmani, born on December 31, 1989, is a professional darts player hailing from Tehran, Iran. Despite facing challenges in a country where darts is not as popular as in other parts of the world, Mozhgan has managed to make a name for herself in the world of darts through her skill, determination, and passion for the sport.

Early Life and Background

Mozhgan Rahmani was born and raised in Tehran, the bustling capital city of Iran. From a young age, Mozhgan showed a keen interest in sports and was always eager to try out new activities. However, it wasn’t until she discovered darts that she found her true passion.

Discovering Darts

As a teenager, Mozhgan stumbled upon a darts tournament being held in her neighborhood. Intrigued by the precision and skill required to play the game, she decided to give it a try. Little did she know that this moment would change her life forever.

Professional Career

Despite the lack of popularity of darts in Iran, Mozhgan Rahmani was determined to pursue her passion for the sport. She began practicing rigorously, honing her skills and perfecting her technique. Her hard work paid off when she started participating in local tournaments and quickly made a name for herself as a formidable player.

Rise to Prominence

As Mozhgan’s reputation grew, she caught the attention of international darts organizations. She was invited to compete in various tournaments around the world, where she showcased her exceptional talent and impressed audiences with her precision and accuracy.


Throughout her career, Mozhgan Rahmani has achieved numerous accolades and milestones in the world of darts. From winning prestigious tournaments to breaking records, she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Notable Wins

Some of Mozhgan’s most notable wins include the World Darts Championship, the Asian Darts Cup, and the Iranian National Darts Championship. Her consistent performance and dedication to the sport have earned her a place among the top players in the world.

Challenges Faced

As a female darts player from Iran, Mozhgan Rahmani has faced numerous challenges and obstacles on her journey to success. From cultural stereotypes to lack of support from her community, she has had to overcome many hurdles to reach where she is today.

Breaking Barriers

Despite the challenges she has faced, Mozhgan has remained resilient and determined to break barriers and shatter stereotypes. Through her perseverance and passion for the sport, she has inspired many young girls in Iran to pursue their dreams and defy societal expectations.

Inspiring the Next Generation

As a role model for aspiring darts players around the world, Mozhgan Rahmani is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of athletes. Through her success story and achievements, she hopes to encourage young players to follow their dreams and never give up on their goals.

Mentoring Young Players

In addition to her own career as a professional darts player, Mozhgan also dedicates her time to mentoring young players in Iran. She believes in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for aspiring athletes to develop their skills and pursue their passion for darts.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, Mozhgan Rahmani has set ambitious goals for herself in the world of darts. She aims to continue competing at the highest level, representing Iran on the international stage, and inspiring others with her dedication and perseverance.

Global Recognition

With her exceptional talent and unwavering determination, Mozhgan hopes to achieve global recognition as one of the top female darts players in the world. She dreams of competing in major tournaments such as the PDC World Championship and making a name for herself on the international darts circuit.


In conclusion, Mozhgan Rahmani is a shining example of perseverance, passion, and dedication in the world of darts. Despite facing challenges as a female player from Iran, she has overcome adversity and risen to prominence through her exceptional talent and hard work. As she continues to inspire others with her success story, Mozhgan remains committed to achieving great heights in her career and leaving a lasting legacy in the world of darts.