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Nana Attakora

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Nana Attakora

Nana Attakora

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Full Name Nana Attakora
Profession Soccer Player
Date of Birth March 27 , 1989
Current Age35 years
Birth Country Canada
Net Wealth Under Review
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Dead or AliveAlive (35 years old)

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Early Life and Education

Nana Attakora was born on March 27, 1989, in Canada to parents Kwame Attakora-Gyan and Agnes Attakora-Gyan. He grew up in a close-knit family with two siblings, Dorothy Attakora-Gyan and Kofi Attakora-Gyan. Attakora attended Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School before pursuing his higher education at York University.

Introduction to Soccer

Attakora discovered his passion for soccer at a young age and began playing competitively in his teenage years. His talent on the field quickly caught the attention of scouts and coaches, leading to opportunities to play at higher levels of competition.

Professional Career

Attakora’s professional career took off when he signed with Toronto FC in 2007. He quickly became a key player for the team, showcasing his defensive skills and leadership on the field. His performances earned him a spot on the Canadian national team, where he continued to excel.

International Success

Attakora represented Canada in several international competitions, including the CONCACAF Gold Cup and FIFA World Cup qualifiers. His solid defensive play and ability to read the game made him a valuable asset to the national team.

Height and Physical Attributes

Standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall, Attakora possesses a strong physical presence on the field. His height gives him an advantage in aerial duels and allows him to dominate opponents in one-on-one situations.

Salary and Earnings

In 2011, Attakora’s salary was reported to be $45,000 USD. As a professional soccer player, he earned a comfortable living while pursuing his passion for the sport.

Personal Life

Off the field, Attakora is known for his humility and dedication to his craft. He is a role model for young aspiring soccer players and is respected by fans and teammates alike.

Training Regimen

To maintain peak performance, Attakora follows a strict training regimen that includes strength training, conditioning drills, and tactical sessions. His dedication to his craft is evident in his consistent improvement on the field.

Influence on Youth Soccer

Attakora’s success in professional soccer has inspired a new generation of young players in Canada. His journey from grassroots soccer to the national team serves as motivation for aspiring athletes looking to follow in his footsteps.

Legacy and Impact

As one of Canada’s top defenders, Attakora has left a lasting legacy on the sport. His contributions to Canadian soccer will be remembered for years to come, inspiring future generations of players to strive for excellence on and off the field.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout his career, Attakora has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding performances. His achievements on the field have solidified his reputation as one of Canada’s most talented defenders.

Future Endeavors

As he continues to evolve as a player, Attakora has set his sights on new goals and challenges in the world of soccer. With determination and perseverance, he is poised to achieve even greater success in the years ahead.


Nana Attakora’s journey from humble beginnings to professional stardom is a testament to his talent and dedication to the sport of soccer. As he continues to make an impact on and off the field, he remains a shining example of what it means to pursue your dreams with passion and commitment.